Conference Hosts

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University

Lincoln Institute
of Land Policy

Universidad Austral
de Chile


Ash Institute for Democratic 
Governance and Innovation at
the Harvard Kennedy School

Forrest Berkley
and Marcie Tyre

Conservation Finance Forum

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University

Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (Yale/Smithsonian)

The Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation

Grasty Quintana Majlis & Cia.

Harvard Forest

Horizon Foundation

Lincoln Institute
of Land Policy

Maine Coast Heritage Trust

The Nature Conservancy

Trust for Public Land

Universidad Austral
de Chile

Case Analyses

These are the cases that were presented at the Conservation Capital in the America Conference, and will appear in a book of the same name. They are now undergoing revision prior to being published.

Limited Development and Sustainable Land Use

Jeff Milder, Cornell University and Ecoagriculture Partners,
"Financing Conservation through Limited Development."

Jose Gonzales and Hermilio Rosas, Universidad del Pacifico,
"Caral archeological site and Supe Valley restoration."

Financing for Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprize

Brian Milder and William Foote, Root Capital,
"Conservation Finanace in the Galapagos Islands: Capitalizing the 'Missing Middle'."

James N. Levitt, Program on Conservation Innovation, Harvard Forest, Harvard Univ.,
"EcoPalms: A Case Study of the Development of Specialized Markets for Certified Non-Timber Forest Products."

Rene Reyes, AIFBN,
"Certification of Firewood in Chile."

Conservation Investment Banking

Gregory Fishbein, The Nature Conservancy,
"'Rafting in Valdivia': The Valdivian Coastal Reserve And Beyond."

Kim Elliman and Peter Howell, The Open Space Institute,
"Anatomy of a Finance Program: Lessons from a Conservation Lender."

Tax Levies and Tax Benefits

Matt Zieper, Trust for Public Land,
"The Massachusetts Community Preservation Act: A Case Study in Fostering Intergovernmental Partnership in Conservation Finance."

Henry Tepper, The National Audubon Society,
and Victoria Alonso, The Nature Conservancy,
"Private Lands Conservation Initiative in Chile."

Ecosystem Service and Forest Carbon Projects

Ben Vitale, Conservation International,
"Ecuador ChoCO2 Conservation Carbon Project: Conservation International."

Laurie Wayburn, Pacific Forest Trust,
"The Van Eck Forest: Carbon Markets and a New Economic Paradigm for Forest Sustainability."

Shannon Meyer, Meyer Conservation Services,
"Markets for Ecosystem Services and the Reclaiming of the Great Dismal Swamp."

Shannon Meyer, Meyer Conservation Services,
"Working with Landowners to Provide Ecosystem Services: Costa Rica's Groundbreaking Experiment."